Congregational Life

Choose a Star Gift Jan 31

During this time of the year when the stars are bright and the darkness lingers we remember the story of the three magi and how they followed the star to find the Holy One, the baby Jesus.

You are invited to pay attention to the ways in which the Holy is guiding you in 2021. Stop by the church hall this week. On the porch is a box. Inside are paper stars. Each star has a different word written on it. Use the hand sanitizer provided, close your eyes and choose a star. Take the star home with you. Put it in a place where you will easily see it. Whenever you are troubled or confused or wonder what to do, use the word to connect you to God’s Spirit and Holy wisdom. Allow the star gift to guide you throughout this year. If the stars have all been chosen, please email me and let me know and we will replenish them.

Blessings on your year,
Rev. Lori