Congregational Life

Aug 12 Thursday 4:30 pm

Invitation to Gather in light of Monday’s UN Climate Change Report 

Thursday, August 12, 4:30pm, Centre Beach
As we try to digest the urgent call to us from Monday’s report from the UN intergovernmental panel on climate change- Code Red for Humanity: that we have less than 8-10 years to make the substantial changes that are necessary to arrest the rise of global warming and that we humans and our activity are responsible for the rise in temperature and all the desecration of our planet that this has and will cause-
Let us gather together for prayer and for song.  We will sing songs for the earth and we will spent time in silent contemplation and prayer for the earth and ourselves as we seek to find the courage, the will and the inspiration to do what is necessary to change our reliance on fossil fuels.  Science is essential- but not enough.  Come and join us- to inspire and encourage one another.  We are in this together.  Liz Paynter from Calgary will lead the music.  Hope to see you there,
Grace and Peace,